Editing & Proofreading

Whether you need feedback while drafting your book or a fresh set of eyes to proof your final galley, I’m available to help at any level of editing. Hourly rates coincide with guidance from the Editorial Freelancers Association of which I am a member. Quotes and sample edits are free. Take a look at the following cross section of endorsements and contact me today. I can’t wait to help bring your vision to a whole world of readers!


“I highly recommend Traci as an editor. As she smoothed off the rough edges of my writing, she seemed to take on my passion for the book’s message, and she became an advocate for my work. Her availability, suggestions, and advice regarding writing and publishing were invaluable, and her expert feedback made me look like an amazing author. She will edit my next book!” – Debbie Oelke, Still Standing: Hope Beyond Disability

Speculative Fiction:

“I am convinced that without Traci, my book would not be ready to send to agents and publishers. Her investment and participation in my story, exceptional proficiency where English grammar is concerned, and her attention to details great and small was appreciated. I will use Traci’s editing services with all future projects.” – J.M. Huxley, Color for Canvas (working title) 


“Traci has been with me every step of the way—from fixing plot holes to grammatical issues. It was probably the best investment I’ve made for my book.” – Moriah Jost, Key of Raining Glass (working title)

Historical Fiction:

“Traci edited a work of fiction for me and not only did she help to correct technical errors and typos that I had missed, but she brought a reader’s mind to the task. Traci suggested alteration to aid in the flow of the narrative and expressions of character. I cannot recommend Traci highly enough. You’ll enjoy working with her and have a better project in the end.” – Ross Norris, An Artist’s War (working title)

Non-Fiction (Self-Help):

“Traci is an excellent writer and editor. Her style is so smooth and easy to read. She has taken my choppy words and made them elegant and understandable. Her brain works differently than most and she can’t help but catch errors. She has saved me more than once!” – Dr. Susan Harrison, A Delightfully Short Stress Relief Guide for the Busiest Women (+ others)

Non-Fiction (Business):

“For over 30 years working as a healthcare consultant I saw what was really going on with health benefits and insurance plans. I wanted to get the information out but writing a book was not something I had any knowledge or skills in doing. Enter Traci Matt, referred to me by a friend that Traci also helped write several books. Traci is my hero in her ability to put my thoughts and strategies into a story and a book and her patience in working with me and my busy schedule. I highly recommend Traci Matt.” – David L. Hickman, Weathering the Healthcare Storm  

Non-Fiction (Religious):

“Traci Matt has been one of the most reliable and proficient editor proofreaders on The Readable Bible team. She always delivered on time and, in addition to delivering excellent proofing, made many wise and valuable suggestions that increased the value of The Readable Bible.” – Rod Laughlin, Editor The Readable Bible (Ironstream Media)

Non-Fiction (Journalism):

“I had the pleasure of working with Traci Matt for 21 years. As former publisher of a trade newspaper, Traci served as the associate editor, during which time she faithfully executed her duties as a copywriter, editor and proofreader. Always handy with the perfect headline, she interviewed, researched and fact-checked before writing feature articles or editing other’s. The consummate professional, Traci is highly creative and can handle the responsibility of virtually any writing assignment, not only in a timely fashion, but with great panache.” – Polly Rupp, former newspaper owner/publisher

… the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. – Mark Twain via Henry Wheeler Shaw