Simple, effective ways to de-stress the holidays

Ladies, you can probably already feel it — the teeth-grinding, stomach-churning sensation that creeps in about this time of year. Charlie Brown may have made November and December out to be all sunshine and peace, but we never saw his mom in the kitchen and at the mall, did we. Of course we want to create the most festive, fun, spiritual memories we can for our families. But is that even possible without some negative side effects? According to Dr. Susan Harrison, author of A Delightfully Short Women’s Guide to Lower Holiday Stress, it is!

First I must insert full disclosure here: Dr. Susan is a friend of mine. A good friend of mine. But that is what makes this an even more genuine review. I have watched her deal with some pretty tumultuous circumstances over the past few years, and come out of them with a smile on her face and a song in her heart (and usually on her lips, too). These tips really work.

The numbered format makes it easy to pick up the book and read a page or two, apply what you learn that day, and move on. You can skip around and find the pressure points that seem to drag you down (wrapping? baking? relatives?) and see what her stress management ideas are in that area. Dr. Susan includes a nice dose of her signature humor, along with her contagious enthusiasm. So if you or a friend are in need of a quick retooling when it comes to holiday stress, order a copy or two today.

The book is available exclusively on Dr. Susan’s website,, where you can also check into having her speak about stress management for your business, church, or community group.



Traci Matt is author of the best-selling Don’t Waste Your Time Homeschooling, along with other education and parenting books available at Amazon.


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