Finding a diagnosis at last

Imagine what it would be like to live with a vision condition for more than 70 years, wondering why you can't accomplish some tasks that seem so easy to those around you. Knowing you see colors differently than everyone else, but not knowing why. This is what happened to my friend Lee, who was diagnosed … Continue reading Finding a diagnosis at last

Five signs your child is red-green colorblind

The earlier a diagnosis of colorblindness comes, the easier life in general is going to be for your little one. One of my friends wasn't diagnosed until he was a teenager. I hate to think of the educational and daily obstacles he had to face with that undetected disability! If you suspect your child is … Continue reading Five signs your child is red-green colorblind

Mommy grief

After a busy Wednesday evening of cooking, cleaning and waving my husband and two elementary-aged kids out the door to church, my one-week-old son and I were enjoying some peaceful time together as I plopped him in the bathroom sink. Suddenly he let out an uncharacteristic wail -- the kind of sound that makes a … Continue reading Mommy grief