How to relieve laundry stress

clothespinsAfter living through the birth of two babies in less than two years, I thought nothing could bring this mama down. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and even part-time work came easy. But after adding the third baby, one thing threatened to suffocate my prideful mothering—the laundry.

Don’t get me wrong; I love to do laundry. My family gets a good chuckle every time one of them catches me watching the water pour into the machine, slowly churning up the detergent and soaking the clothes. But adding that fifth filth-maker to the family seemed to make the piles of dirty clothes, sheets and towels explode exponentially.

Over the years I have devised a few simple rules that have relieved much of my laundry angst and secured many uninterrupted soul-soothing moments in front of the filling washer.

1. No one touches my clothes. Ever. This rule was instigated when my sweet-intentioned husband put my $100 suit in the washing machine. (OK, it was the ‘80s and a $100 suit was a nice one.) The suit actually came out fine but it was the potential disaster that I just couldn’t push past.

2. If you leave it inside out, you will have it returned inside out. This rule began as a reminder of simple courtesy, but as the sweet toddlers became smelly teens it was an added blessing not to have to touch those crusty socks and other unmentionables.

3. I don’t care whose socks they are. There is a basket on the washer where all the sock orphans are stored. If you’re missing a sock I don’t want to hear about it. Talk to the basket.

4. Laundry lady takes tips. If you leave money in your pocket, I will not come looking for you.

5. Don’t put a load of your clothes in the washer and then leave for the weekend, knowing I’ll be forced to finish it for you. I’m on your team, but I am not your slave.

6. At 15, you learn how to do your own laundry. Someday your spouse will rise up and call you blessed. Unless you try to wash her $100 suit.

14 thoughts on “How to relieve laundry stress

  1. Julie F says:

    Funny! I didn’t know you were a laundry lover. Freak!!! I love you anyway. I found the best laundry solution of all for this laundry hating momma over here about a year ago- four people live in this house so four people do laundry. Hubby does his, wifey does hers, kids each do theirs. You are such a kind mom. My boys started doing their own laundry at age 11. I bet it was hard to give up the duty to your kids when they turned 15 since you actually enjoy it. 🙂


  2. Melanie Good says:

    Love it! My 5 year old loooves to change her clothes 4 times a day. I think we finally stopped this habit, but oh, the laundry that girl created!


    • Traci Matt says:

      Leslie, that’s brilliant! We just became empty nesters a few weeks ago and I realized I don’t have do to laundry every day. Truly a game changer! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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