Free gift for Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

Homeschool parents have one of the toughest (and most wonderful) jobs in the world! So in honor of Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day, I’m offering Let’s Go! Field Trips for Teachers, Homeschoolers and Active Families free of charge all weekend (April 21 through 25, 2016).

This compilation of creative activities offers pre- and post-trip suggestions, key learning points, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Field trip ideas are categorized by subject and include history, visual arts, social studies, physical education, performing arts, and even math and science. Ideas are easily adaptable for homeschoolers, formal school groups, or family outings. Options apply to any locale–small towns, rural homesteads, or big cities.

So before you being planning summer excursions, or scouting educational ideas for next fall, grab a copy of Let’s Go and be intentional with your field trip fun.

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