A dozen classic books to save for your grandkids

  When I became a grandma, I bought an iPad for the sole purpose of downloading colorful Kindle books and engaging apps for babies. It has been surprising and encouraging to me that my two grandbabies actually prefer real books. Happily, we are prepared for hours of reading courtesy of all our children's books which … Continue reading A dozen classic books to save for your grandkids


Be courageous

Have you ever considered the great courage Joseph displayed as his young family was formed and began to grow? This Christmas season, take a fresh look at his indomitable faith and courage in the face of the unknown.

Mom Inspired Adventures

joseph-919856_1920Read Matthew 1:18-2:23.

We rarely hear sermons preached on great faith or courage with Joseph the husband of Mary as the central example. Sadly, his role in the Christmas story has become almost a caricature we tend to skim over at other points on the Christian calendar.

Consider what this key New Testament figure endured in the short chapter and a half of Matthew where his story appears:

  • An angel of the Lord appeared to him in dreams not once, not twice, but three times.
  • He was told to believe that his fiancée’s pregnancy was the result of a miraculous conception and not an indiscretion.
  • He was also told that the child was the long-awaited Messiah, and was instructed to go through with the marriage as planned.
  • He kept his new bride a virgin until the child was born.
  • Exotic foreign visitors made an unannounced appearance at his home…

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Three reasons to run — not walk — to a homeschool forum

In my new book on homeschooling I spend a little time singing the praises of my powerhouse local support group, Midwest Parent Educators (MPE). One of its particular strengths is the annual conference and curriculum fair. Free for MPE members, the show could not be more convenient or affordable. Here are three reasons every homeschooler … Continue reading Three reasons to run — not walk — to a homeschool forum