An accidental radio debut



If you had told me two years ago–or even two weeks ago– that I would be the featured guest on a radio show, I would have laughed. Yet this crazy life of mine took a turn that direction this week. It began with an email from a young, hip ‘n’ happenin’ friend, Paul,  who works in Christian radio in the Pacific Northwest. Was I interested in chatting about my homeschooling books on his morning talk show?

Um, yes?

Fast-forward a couple of days to a phone call that I mistakenly thought was going to be to talk about what we were going to talk about. When he asked if I could hear him because the studio phone sometimes sounded funny, my panic began.

“Are we doing this today? Right now?” I squeaked. “I thought we were just going to talk about what we were going to talk about.”

“Why would we do that?” Paul quipped. “That might make it sound rehearsed. Let’s just talk.”

He proceeded to soothe my anxiety and work his magic. By the end of the first couple minutes he made me so comfortable with the process it was just like we were having a little chat. Considering how fast my heart was beating at the beginning of the segment, that took some talent! Bravo, Paul!

I consciously reined in my instinct to say “um,” but used the word “cool” way too freely. A couple times I didn’t really answer his question but took off on a rabbit trail. The end result was not so very obviously my first attempt at radio, but I learned a few tricks to tuck away for next time. My youngest son was free with his approval, “Very nice! I think you nailed it.”

So if you have fifteen minutes to spare today and want to hear some advice on homeschooling or field tripping, grab a cup of tea, click on the links below, and take a listen.    (homeschooling tips)    (field trip ideas)

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